Thank you for using Milton! It's a pleasure to know that there are people that use it and enjoy it. If you like Milton, there are many ways you can help out.

Show your art

As you probably know, the art on this site is not very good. That's because it's done by me, Sergio. If you used Milton to make something and want your art to be shown on this website, shoot me an email at and I will be glad to place it here with a link to your portfolio.

Tell people

Any time you tweet about Milton or talk about it on reddit/a forum/your blog, you are helping Milton. Even if you can't give money for whatever reason, if you bring 10 people and one of them donates, you have helped Milton quite a lot!

Send money

There are two ways you can give money. The first is by making a donation through paypal:

You can also make a monthly contribution at Milton's patreon page.